Tuesday’s Snow in Pottstown

Snow is not usually a cause for celebration in the Weitzenkorn household. But on Tuesday we got a pretty dusting of a couple inches of snow in Pottstown Pennsylvania, no big deal. Luckily I didn’t have any obligations that day and was able to spend most of it in my warm house, looking out the window at the pretty snow. It was also a great opportunity to take my wild 3-yead-old child Owen outside to play in the flurries and snap some pics. He just wanted to play tag and I just wanted him to stand next to some trees and smile while the snow came down. We compromised and got these cute photos!DSC_8770 DSC_8773 DSC_8779 DSC_8782 DSC_8783 DSC_8787 DSC_8790 DSC_8793 DSC_8801 DSC_8805


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